When you arrive to our 10:30 AM Worship Gathering here's what you can expect
for your kids

Check In

Kids newborn through 5th grade can check in with our Kids Ministry upon arrival. 
Babies through age 4 can go right into their classes. 
Elementary ages kids (K-5th) will remain with you and be dismissed before the Pastor's message. You will then pick them up afterward at the same place you checked them in. 

Read on to find out more about what your kids will experience. 

Our Discovery Kidz (Infants - Pre-K) are discovering God and His world.

Through fun hands-on activities we teach Bible truths in ways preschoolers learn best. Since "Play" is the work of preschoolers, it might look like just play, but a closer look will show that through the vehicle of play the teacher is using the conversation to teach about God, Jesus the Bible, Church, Family, Creation, People, and Community and World.

Classes open at 10:10 for preschoolers and they remain in their classes though our worship gathering

In Kidz Worship Warehouse our elementary kids (K-5)
are learning about God and His word.

Since kids are a part of the "church community" we see great value in kids worshiping and observing their parents and the other adults in our 10:30 Worship gathering. You will check in your elementary kids at the same time you check in the preschoolers. Then your elementary kids will go with you to worship for the singing and offering part of worship. They will then be dismissed to go to our Kidz Worship Warehouse. While Pastor Andrew preaches your kids will have a Bible lesson geared to their learning level. We will dig into the Bible to see what God wants us to know. Through fun activities we will learn about the Bible "God Word" and how it can help us in our lives today.