Sunset Community Church is a new name to a church that has been meeting since 1950 under the previous name of Calvary Baptist Church.

Calvary Baptist Church had it's first gathering in Renton on July 2, 1950 and broke ground on the current property in 1952. Since that time the generations of our church family have helped start and/or support over 19 different individuals and church starts. 


Why change the name?

In 1950 Renton had a population of just over 16,000 people. As the city has grown to over 100,00 the Renton Highlands (where we are located) has changed as well. In recent years, in partnership with the city, we started the Sunset Community Garden and have also been able to give input to a city revitalization project called the Sunset Transformation Plan. We feel that as the city is seeking to transform our community that God is calling us to be a part of that as well. Like many churches in the New Testament we belong to a place so that we can reach a people. Renaming our church to identify with our neighborhood is the first step in what we hope will be a continued legacy of reaching and serving our city for Jesus. 


Since the beginning we have cooperated with other churches in the Northwest Baptist Convention for shared ministry which includes church planting, missions work, disaster relief and more. The Northwest Baptist Convention is a regional association of over 500 churches in Oregon, Washington and North Idaho and is a part of a national association of the Southern Baptist Convention. While our name has changed our commitment to cooperation with the regional and national conventions remains steadfast.